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HeadsUp Ear Bonnet


Removable red patch on forehead alerts riders that your horse is sensitive to oncoming traffic & requires extra space when passing. The EquiFit Ear Bonnet keeps the ears, poll and head cool and dry with its multi-dimensional air-mesh. Ears fit comfortably and unbothered under a spandex mesh. Its contoured shape keeps the bonnet in place while the durable EverLeather trim maintains a polished edge. The EquiFit Ear Bonnet is the finishing touch to a winning uniform.

Choose from the standard ear bonnet or the SilentFit Ear Bonnet which features Spandex mesh ears lined with an antimicrobial, non-neoprene, sound inhibiting foam to help your horse maintain focus


Made in USA: Yes

Technology: EverLeather, Multi-Dimensional Air-Mesh

Sold as: Individual

Size: Horse, Oversize

Color: Black

Please allow 7-21 days for this item to arrive

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